"Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field.  When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase 'each other' doesn't make any sense." -Rumi

This passage puts words to my urge to create. Art is a way for me to escape a certain worldview for a moment, to be in touch with the bigger picture by creating a smaller one. Taking in a piece, whether it be a piece of writing, a photograph, or an assemblage, is a process. Many people start by analyzing, by trying to understand a piece based on their own worldview.

What I hope to achieve when I create a piece of art that I share with the world is that it serves as an invitation to lie down in Rumi’s field, to be open to the larger view, the wisdom beyond our grasp that we are always trying to capture.  

About Alexis

Alexis Brooke Felder enrolled as a student in the Graphic Design Certificate Program at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) in Boston in January 2011, and graduated in May 2014. Alexis  successfully completed coursework including digital photography, graphic design, typography, color theory, art as process, and fundamentals of 2D design. In 2012, Alexis’s photograph, Willowed Waters, was selected to be shown in the juried exhibition “Affairs of the Art” at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

In addition to her coursework related to graphic design at the SMFA, Alexis has completed numerous classes at the Eliot School of Fine and Applied Arts in Jamaica Plain, including two courses in creating Assemblages with Found Objects with assemblage artist Amy Hitchcock, and introductory sewing and quilting classes. In 2010, one of Alexis’s assemblages was selected to be shown in the Student-Faculty exhibit at the Eliot School. Alexis also studied took an intensive summer photography course entitled “The Portrait, The Environment,” with photographer David Hilliard at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the summer of 2011.

Often using her own photographs, Alexis has designed 21 hardcover books, including three commissioned books: a book of sermons for Rabbi James Levinson, a book about the nonprofit of Calcutta Kids for Noah Levinson, and a book honoring Professor Steve London of Simmons College.

Although Alexis has been creating art since childhood, Alexis’s formal introduction to art and photography began during her undergraduate studies at Simmons College in 2004, when she studied analog photography with photographer Vaughn Sills, and was introduced to darkroom processes.

As an English and Spanish double major in her undergraduate studies, Alexis explored and developed her creative writing skills, which she continues to develop as part of a women’s writing group based in Vermont run by poet Kate Gleason and writer Jan Frazier that meets for bi-annual writing retreats.

Alexis has a passion to explore and experience a wide range of modalities and forms of expression, and is interested in the ways that photography, design, assemblages, and writing can work together and inform and influence one another.


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